Monday, 23 April 2012

Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011) review

In the Valley of Peace, Po Ping is revelling in his fulfilled dreams as he serves as the fabled Dragon Warrior protecting his home with his heroes now his closest friends. However, Po and his friends learn that the murderous Lord Shen of Gongman City is threatening the land with a fearsome new weapon that could threaten the future of kung fu. They attempt to stop him, but the panda is burdened with crippling memory flashbacks linked to this villain. Now with China in the balance, Po must learn about his past and find true inner peace against all enemy.
Kung fu panda2 is a cartoon moive. actually, i am not a big fan of this kind of moive but i watched kung fu panda. they explain why panda have parents who is not panda in kung fu panda2 and of course with some kind of saving world mission. It is a 3D movie but without 3D. those humor is wonderful, make me laugh a lot.overall to say, the story  is a real good.

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