Sunday, 15 April 2012

Welcome to our blog!

This is what our future blog will look like! We will be trying to review the latest comedy movies and would really like you guys to comment on them! There will be links to famous movie review sites so that you can cross reference our review with theirs and so forth.

This is a really exciting project as we really enjoy movies and would like to share with you all the movies we found really funny as well as the ones that weren't all that funny!

The layout, as you can see above, is quite straight forward. We want our viewers to be able to access the information in the easiest manner possible. The way the images and text will be within the post will maximize the focus on to the text so that it is easy to spot and read. As for the colors, we wanted a dominant white "feel" to the blog in order to have the text easily readable and it also brings out the black text quite nicely. We opted not to have a logo because we aren't a company so we decided to keep our title as somewhat of a logo.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy and remember, don't forget to comment!


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