Monday, 7 May 2012

Arthur (2011) review

Russel Brand has reinvented his classic Hollywood persona into an adorable billionaire (Arthur).  However he is an irresponsible charmer who relies only on his money and his lifelong nanny and best friend Hobson (Helen Mirren). His habit for getting into trouble never stops as he always seeks for some way to amuse himself. However, he is forced to marry Susan Johnson (Jenifer Garner) to keep himself in check as he is out to destroy his company, Back Worldwide, image. 

 Russel Brand is always such a comedian but this one was different. His acting as a very childish, immature adult was quite convincing and was definitely quite amusing. However, Jennifer Garner could have done better acting but overall it was a nice film. One should watch this film to see Russel Brands new persona!

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