Monday, 7 May 2012

Crazy Stupid Love (2011) review

Cal (Steve Carell) a middle aged average man is dumped by his wife of more than 20 years and begins to drink away his sorrows at a bar where he is noticed by a young ladies man, Jacob (Ryan Gosling). Jacob pities Cal and takes him as a sought of understudy as an attempt to make him forget his wife but Cals undying love for his wife during this whole period leads to some complicated confrontations later on when he tries to get back together with her.

The movie although somewhat funny, is very predictable and somewhat cliché. The movie offers no surprises and not long after it starts you realise it will be another predictable movie with a happy ending where the good guys win. Despite this there are some good performances by the cast and they do a very good job of keeping us watching even though we know whats going to happen and Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling work very well together to provide us with the comedic side which this movie relies upon.


  1. We managed to create it through the total comedy movies, and it absolutely was exhausting. Doing improv well is already a burdensome expertise. that is why ninety eight % of improv comedy is terrible.

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